A Coach With a Consulting Edge

I love what I do.  Like you, I’m a professional with my own business.  It’s wonderful, but it wasn’t always this way.

The education I took to become a professional in my field was rigorous, but it focused on developing skills to become a successful practitioner, not a business owner.  For years I focused on being the best practitioner I could be in other people’s businesses, but deep down I yearned to create my own practice.

Then one day I just declared it – I would never work for someone else again.  I would build my own business!  Just one problem… I didn’t know how to do that.  I wasn’t trained to do it as a professional. I spent years struggling, learning about business through direct experience.  I’ve made my share of mistakes, and yes, each one served as a key business lesson for me.

After a few years of slogging it out alone, I realized there had to be a better way to accelerate my learning and minimize my mistakes. I took the big leap and hired a business coach.  I wanted to become competent and confident as both a business owner and a practitioner. It took my business to a whole new level.  To this day I have a circle of business advisors and mentors who help and support me, and keep me current and knowledgeable on best business practices today. I do this not only for my own business, but to serve you as well.

When I learned (from a practice owner) that many physical therapy business owners were walking in the same shoes and taking a similar rough path I had taken. I knew this was where I could make a real difference.

What motivates me?  One of my strongest values is helping individuals to be and become their best.  I believe everyone is capable of more than they realize.  Everyone can learn to become an effective business owner.  It’s not something we are born with.  If you are motivated to learn, and step up to a bigger game in your business, you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.  The joy I get is seeing individuals shift from seeing themselves as being great physical therapists, to becoming exceptional business owners too.

Are you ready to begin your journey to the next level?

What is Prosperous Physical Therapy?

Since 2006, we have successfully helped hundreds of practice owners like you to take their business to a new level of success and maintain a sense of personal balance.

Many of our clients say that we are the first and only coaching business that offers business best practices, practical skills, and the support to implement this learning in their practices. What makes us different is the “just in time” learning approach, when people need it, tailored to their specific needs. We always provide implementation support, which in today’s fast paced world is critical to adapting quickly to client and market needs.

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