Success Habits of Physical Therapy Business Owners in 2017

Are you working hard to make your business dreams a reality?

Successful habits of physical therapy clinic ownersIn the last month, I have been talking to my top clients about what they want to achieve in 2017. These are physical therapy business owners who want to live their dreams!

Of course for them, creating their dream practice is also related to their ability and resources to deliver their objectives. This is where we work together to develop plans for growth and development. And identify the best business strategies to achieve these objectives.

During our conversations, we also discuss the habits they will need to exercise to speed their progress and success.

So, hot off the press, are the 10 key successful habits for physical therapy clinic owners who want to succeed and live their dreams.

  1. Do your most important work in the morning. Spend the first hour of your business day as quiet and productive time to review your objectives and plan your day and week.
  1. Get rid of all the minor irritations and tolerations in your day to day life, be they at home or at work (this will boost your energy).
  1. Know what your goals are, write them down and have them somewhere which reminds you what they are every day.
  1. Only employ people who share your core values and who support you in your business goals and growth initiatives.
  1. Do the right thing for your clients not the right thing for your bank account.
  1. Be on time, be courteous and always follow through on what you said you will do.
  1. Lead yourself and set an example to your team.
  1. Get the resources you need to enable you to grow your business. If you and your employees are working their socks off, how on earth are you going to make change happen?
  1. Celebrate what you have already achieved.
  1. Take good self care to give you the positive energy to lead your business.

Working with clinic owners one on one as I do allows us to really dig into their unique problems and issues.

Everything changes when we develop a plan to optimize practice strengths and develop strategies for overcoming challenges and business concerns.  Increased confidence in their business skills and strategies are reported to be a result of this process. And practices grow and are more profitable for those who have a plan!

So if you feel like you would benefit from receiving guidance on how to create a profitable business, please get in touch with me now to set-up a complimentary 15 minute coaching session.

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