The 5 Best Investments You Can Make in Your Business in 2017

Today I am sharing with you the top 5 investments our clients plan to make in 2017.

investing in your clinicAs we’re setting goals together now for their next business year we are looking at ways to continue or boost their practice growth and development. The process begins with a review of 2016 goals and an assessment of how well they were achieved. When setting goals for 2017, the most important criterion for selection is “does it cost or will it pay?

  1. Becoming more effective leaders of their teams.

They want to improve their team’s performance through more coaching and training.

I suggest you start by reflecting on areas you feel weak as a team leader; then identify how you can get help developing your leadership skills in these areas. Whether it be leadership coaching, reading books on leadership or taking on-line courses, it will be well worth the effort to strengthen your leadership skills to improve your teams’ performance.

  1. Upgrading their clinic software.

If your existing clinic software is not serving you well or is too difficult to use, change it. There are some very easy to use, highly effective, and creative software providers now to help you do all of this and more.

Be sure to choose a software program that: collects the KPI’s you need, creates the reports you need to analyze your business monthly; has a system for customer communications; and engages your team.

Some of my clients switched their software provider to Jane, a complete clinic management software system. They are very pleased with this switch.

  1. Updating their websites to look more contemporary, and be more effective in bringing new patients to your practice.

They’re also committed to do more online marketing and have a better social media presence. All of these are imperative to your success in growing your business.

  1. Becoming more effective in their marketing.

They feel marketing is still their weak link in running their business, so 2017 is the year they want to take charge of marketing more effectively.

  1. Up leveling their front desk team’s performance.

They now recognize that their front desk team members are foremost their customer service champions and their frontline sales people. Yes, they have other tasks they undertake such as booking and billing. But the essence of their job is to offer customer service excellence and while doing so sell their services and market their clinic.

You can never underestimate the need for continuous training, monitoring, and improvement of the performance of your front desk team members.

I recently learned of a software program that monitors and provides performance indices on calls coming into your clinic, such as call answer rates, volume of calls, when you are missing the calls, how many calls are put on-hold, how long calls are put on-hold, who is answering the most calls, who is calling back voicemails. This program also provides scripts for various call situations.  It is called Call Hero

In addition to these 5 investments some of our clients are making for 2017, several of our clients are looking for larger premises in 2017 as they have simply outgrown where they are!

As you can see, the items on the list will all contribute to growing a practice and yes, they will all involve a degree of spending. But they all will pay off rather than simply cost as it’s an investment!

My greatest wish for all practice owners I communicate with, is that they take these investment ideas seriously for their own clinics in 2017.

The very best to you in your businesses next year!

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