Easy Ways to Raise the Bar on Customer Service

Try Some of These Ideas in the Next Months

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Unfortunately, the bar for customer service in many health care practices is still set pretty low.

I see from the physical therapy practices I am in contact with that there is still plenty of opportunity for them to find ways to stand out from their mediocre competition.

And you don’t need to break your budget to improve your customer service.

Here are 7 Easy Ways to Raise the Bar on Your Customer Service Now

  1. Answer your phones between 0800-1800, with a real person, and a live and welcoming voice.
  2. The rest of the time, have a short message asking the caller to explain what they want, rather than ask them to call back; reassure them you will return their call within 12 hours.
  3. Check and respond to phone messages throughout the day and first thing in the morning every day.
  4. Run on time.
  5. Run your practice as if it were a theater, and every day you are putting on a show. Be energetic, enthusiastic, positive and charismatic, and have your team be the same.
  6. Be confident and transparent in the value your services offer your patients and in your pricing.
  7. Be relentless at follow through. Make those calls, send those treatment plans, chase those patients who are thinking about their treatment plans

If you’d like your practice to stand out from your competitors, call me for a chat at 604.943.3853, or email me to set up a chat at coach@erikatrimble.com

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