Clients Generate at Least a 10:1 Return after Working with Us for 6 Months

Managing a practice can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging, even in a good economy.  It’s very easy to become focused on putting out fires all day instead of building the business you originally envisioned.

I help individuals who feel stuck and are often frustrated by the lack of progress they are making. I help them take charge of their business again, increase profits, AND get their life back.  Bottom line? Most of my clients generate at least a 10:1 return from working with me within six months.

Unique Benefits to Working With Me

As a trusted advisor for hundreds of practice owners, my clients tell me there are three things that make working with me refreshing:

  1. Trusted Advisor vs Cookie Cutter Solutions
    “One size fits all” solutions are often marketed to practice owners but what my clients want is a trusted advisor. Creating a successful business requires more than tips and tools. It requires flexible, just-in-time learning, based on proven best practices in business, applied to your specific needs.
  2. Thoughtful Leadership and Implementation Support
    As your thinking partner, I don’t believe in offering training alone. Implementation support is critical to crossing the gap between knowing what to do, and actually making it happen.  I coach you across this gap.  Your ability to focus, make things happen and adjust quickly is what generates exceptional and repeatable results.
  3. Informed Outsider
    I’m not a physical therapist, nor a physical therapy practice owner, but I have been a professional business owner for over 15 years. I bring an integrated perspective to the challenges you face – utilizing the best business practices proven internationally in a variety of industries.
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